Distressed/Espresso Wood Bracelet

Distressed/Espresso Wood Bracelet


The Story

Created for an evening out or high end event, this luxury collection will let you show support and strength in a highly fashionable, and stunning way.

The Brass

Like all of our warrior bracelets, this piece starts with a REAL previously fired brass shell casing. Each casing is CNC machined with incredible precision to our exact specifications, then sent off to highly skilled jewellers to be fully polished. Once thoroughly polished, each casing is fully plated in Ruthenium (from the Platinum family) to create a unique distressed look, and then is finished off by laser etching our iconic logo onto the casing.

The Beads

Dark brown wood beads are a perfect compliment to the distressed casing.

The Details

Each bead is assembled by hand on to an army-strong 1mm diameter stretch elastic.

Available in 3 sizes. Click HERE to check your size.


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